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Their discouraging report caused to people to rise up in rebellion. Their punishment for this rebellion?

Forty years in the desert. One year for each day their scouts reconnoitered the land Number Deuteronomy shows us that Jesus is a new Moses who after fasting for 40 days gives us a New Law and suffers for the sins of the people. He is also like a new Israel. Unlike the Israelites who fell repeatedly in the desert, Jesus response to temptation with the same words with which they should have responded. If we remain faithful, following the new Moses, Jesus Christ, we too will enter into the true promised land of heaven.

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If you are not on twitter, you could look up some of these same people and like their pages on facebook or another social media platform of your choice. The Bible makes it clear constantly that God is at work and is doing great things. Too often we just fail to see it, and the Bible has lots of examples of that as well. One of the greatest ways we can grow in faith is through hearing and responding to the Word.

It may seem like a daunting task to some to read such a large book as the Bible, but surprisingly it can be read through each year with about 10 minutes a day for the average reader. I'm not sure where you are at with your Bible reading, but we can't say God is silent or inactive while our Bible's are closed and gathering dust. We will never stop worshiping in heaven because we will finally see God's glory fully and clearly.

Our task here on this earth should be to spend our days looking to see His glory as much as we possibly can. Negative and difficult situations in our lives can often seem insurmountable and ever-painful. But heaven will reveal God's grace in all of it. One of the most beautiful books I've read on this, is 1, Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I'd encourage you to pick it up. Start with a list of at least 20 little graces you see in the midst of a painful circumstance of your life.

How has God been merciful to you even in the midst of the pain of this world. All awakenings are meant to point to one thing. All of Scripture points to one person.

Jesus Christ the Last 30 days

How can you point more of your life and faith to Jesus? He is the way God has made for us to come close and draw near and be changed. Consider how much of your faith has been focused on rules, or do's and don'ts rather than on the Person of Jesus. Determine not to miss His work in your life, and all around you. Determine to make Jesus the focus of your life and story. All great journeys start with a single step. I'm not sure how much of your life would be defined by prayer, like Daniel, but the only way to get there is to start today.

Take at least 20 minutes, or even an hour or more, and close yourself off in a private room. Turn on worship music and begin to worship and seek God by yourself. Take time to repent. Take time to forgive in your heart those who've hurt you. Take time to pray for loved ones in your life. Take time to meditate on a Scripture that speaks to where you are at right now, and pray it out loud to God. You'll find as you do this that God's presence will be strong with you, and you will leave this time with more peace and joy and purpose in your heart.

This is the greatest opportunity and possibility in the Christian journey, when we pursue God and create space to seek Him. Whenever you feel your spiritual tank needing to be filled up, set aside more time to do this. I'd recommend at least weekly, outside of church services, getting alone with God for times like this.

30 Days with Jesus by F. LaGard Smith

Praying for specific requests on a regular basis can be really powerful. Take a scrap of paper and write down some needs you want to be praying for over and over again until you see God move in the situation. Write down the names of some of the people you want to pray for God's blessing on. Add some names of some people you want to see find hope in Christ. Put this list in your Bible, and take time to pray through this list each week.

Make notes when you see God move on your behalf in response to these persistent prayers.

John in 30 Days | Beginner’s Bible Study and Reading Plan

Brother Lawrence was able to sense God's presence going with him even as He washed dishes. He was in tune to God's activity, and God's grace in a keen way.

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Remind yourself throughout the day today of God's grace, presence and nearness. Find yourself praying under your breath, worshiping and calling on God to fill your life with His presence. The answer to so many of our prayers is more of God's presence and Spirit. Pray for God to raise your awareness and known His nearness. I've created a spotify playlist of some of my favorite worship songs. Playing this in the background throughout your day will help you practice God's presence in an increasing way.

Y ou can listen to it here. Hearing about the great needs around the world is not enough, we must do something. Those hurting, poor, broken do not need our pity, they need us to do what we can. Mother Theresa has said, "If you cannot feed one hundred people, just start by feeding one. Whatever you do, don't just sit there, do something. Next time there is a disaster anywhere in the world, I challenge you to get involved, donate and do something. We need God to stir our hearts to be generous and responsive to the brokenness of the world around us.

Sometimes our generosity will be planned out, and but we need sensitive hearts to also be spontaneously generous as our hearts are burdened with the great need around the world. People who are in need don't just need our resources, they also need our love and care. And we need them as well. God has chosen to show the riches of His grace in a greater way to those who are poor in this world. Find someone in need in your area, and take them out for a meal, and get to know them. Don't do all the talking. Ask them about their story, their family, their life and their challenges, and commit to them as a friend and prayer partner for God's gracious provision and care in their life.

I like your method and layout here, too.

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30 Days With Jesus 30 Days With Jesus
30 Days With Jesus 30 Days With Jesus
30 Days With Jesus 30 Days With Jesus
30 Days With Jesus 30 Days With Jesus
30 Days With Jesus 30 Days With Jesus

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