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You accompany the main character to the supermarket and help find everything on the long shopping list.

They get to know each other better on a weekend trip. An evening together at the movies : What a fantastic film. Accompany the two main characters downtown. Help make the right decision when buying new clothes. Both characters are invited to a friend's birthday party.

They had to stop on the way to the party: There is an accident A visiting the gym keeps you healthy. But which of the many training methods would you like to choose? The decision is difficult In this language course, you will find many fantastic, fun and interesting dialogues. You learn how to build simple and clear sentences in the foreign language.

All of the text was recorded for you by a native speaker. From the beginning, you learn an authentically and currently spoken language. You will get a very good feel for the sound and pronunciation of the foreign language through this course's recordings. The dialogue texts can be read, printed out or listened to with a click of the mouse in English or in Arabic. All texts are spoken by a native speaker. You can hear, read and repeat aloud all of the course's texts and vocabulary.

You learn how to write correctly: You can also use course's dialogues as dictation. With this language course you will learn to write Arabic error free. Would you prefer to learn without a computer? You can print out all of this language course's texts. All 42 texts have been recorded by an Arabic native speaker.

2. It keeps you motivated to learn Arabic

You can listen to and repeat each line of text as often as you'd like. This is how you learn clear and accent free pronunciation from the very beginning. Arabic native speakers read all texts and vocabulary aloud:. All vocabulary and texts are spoken by an Arabic native speaker. You can listen to and repeat each of the words as well as the 42 dialogue texts as often as you'd like.

In a all the learning methods and tests, the vocabulary and lines of text are played for you. You constantly repeat the correct pronunciation.

The Best Arabic Learning Software: What to Look For

You learn clear and accent free pronunciation with the correct emphasis! Additional Audio Trainer:. In addition to the Arabic learning software, we are giving you the Arabic audio trainer at no extra cost. The audio trainer is a bonus to your learning — listen and learn Arabic in less time , e.

You can listen to the Arabic audio trainer on your mobile phone or run it on your PC. The audio trainer is broken down into 5 minute learning blocks, you can listen 5 minutes at a time or select the 'auto play' function - ideal if you don't have a free hand! It is a complete system of learning that builds on knowledge from basic to more advanced vocabulary.

The binaural beats contained in the music make it easier for you to learn the words on average This is because your brain will be in a relaxed state and will pick up the words better. The super learning music helps your brain enter an "alpha state": this is like a mini vacation!! Therefore, the tracks are structured in such a way that there is a short repetition after every 7 words. The 5 minute learning blocks are made up of 21 vocabulary words. System Requirements:. This is an online course.

Order the Arabic language course easily with this online form! Questions about ordering the Arabic language course:. How does the ordering process work? Fill out the online order form. Pay online after completion.

Arabic For Everyday Use by Yunus Agaskar

Then you receive your access information immediately and can start learning! Which operating systems does this software work on? No, you can start immediately. I am a total beginner. Is this language course right for me?

Arabic Phrases and Common Sentences

Yes, even without previous learning experience you can learn this new language quickly and effectively. The language course automatically tailors itself to your personal learning pace. What progress will I make with this language course? If you learn regularly, you will make progress very quickly. Ideally, schedule a certain amount of time daily for learning, 17 minutes for example. This is considerably more effective than simply learning 2 or 3 hours only once per week. Can I improve my pronunciation with this language course? You listen to every word and every line of text at your leisure and repeat them afterwards.

That way you can quickly learn clear and accurate pronunciation. Through the acquisition of the beginner's vocabulary, you will have no problem understanding clearly structured sentences. You will be able to communicate orally and in writing with simple sentences. You want to deepen your knowledge of Intermediate Arabic? After working with this course, you will be able to understand and use complex sentences. Thanks to the advanced language course you will be able to easily understand spoken and written Arabic. As a result, you will possess a relatively high speech comprehension: You will, for example, be able to watch television in Arabic.

Explanation of the European Common Reference Framework for Languages: Since , there have been European wide standards that measure the levels of language courses. These standards were created by the Council of Europe so that the language reference levels for language courses can be transnationally cohesive. Our language course were developed in accordance with these standards. I still have more questions regarding the Arabic language course! What do our clients say I like the well-structured way of the course and the wide-ranged possibilities which makes learning so much easier and varying as well.

Then comes a couple of songs to add to the odd equation

Besides I think it's great you can choose listening to the language as often as you want to as well as being able printing the vocabulary on flashcards. In any case I would love to thank the experts who developed the course very much! It's fun to learn a new language with this course! This is how you motivate people to learn! Words have to be repeated until you spell them correctly. Also, I think its great being tested in both languages. Either one way or the other, it's up to you. I'm pretty sure this how you will remember your vocabulary!

The texts are chosen very well, directly taken out of every day life, very understandable for everyone, meaningful and very helpful for general use. I also like being able listening to the texts line by line and listening to the vocabulary particularly as often as you want to. This programm is super easy to handle. Thumbs up! This is especially relevant when acquisitioning vocabulary.

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Thus, I can choose for my individual way of learning. This course is way more fun than learning with a book - because you can't cheat yourself when doing the exercises ;o The long-term memory method is just amazing and would basically be sufficient as just one testing method.

This used to be my greatest problem - pronunciation. Moreover I've found the fill-in-the-blank texts very helpful.

Arabic For Everyday Use Arabic For Everyday Use
Arabic For Everyday Use Arabic For Everyday Use
Arabic For Everyday Use Arabic For Everyday Use
Arabic For Everyday Use Arabic For Everyday Use
Arabic For Everyday Use Arabic For Everyday Use

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