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It's heartbreaking when you're allergic to your best friends, but it's a surprisingly common problem among pet lovers. You might also want to keep pets out of your bedroom, to limit your exposure. You count on your vac to get rid of allergens, but using it can kick up a large amount of dust, triggering allergies. Same goes for dusting and sweeping. If it doesn't, it's time to invest in a new vacuum.


You know that many houseplants can clean the air and even boost your mood , but you might not know that there are a few conditions where even the "cleanest" variety of plants can cause you serious discomfort. It's all thanks to mold! Soil in potted plants along with terrariums can hold onto moisture, often resulting in mold growth.

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Whitest man's burden: For an unlucky few, sunburn means a debilitating itch torture

Today's Top Stories. Image Source Getty Images. Scented Candles. Tim Oram Getty Images. Air Fresheners. Fredrik Telleus Getty Images. Soft Toys. Carolyn Barber Getty Images.

Pug Dog Itching Problems

Kimberlee Reimer Getty Images. Hero Images Getty Images. Leather Sofas. Rtimages Getty Images. The parent company operates in 32 countries. It is easy to see the appeal of a technological solution to the louse problem. Scan any parenting forum on the subject and a host of desperate treatments emerge. Some folks slather mayonnaise on to the infested head; olive oil, coconut oil, vinegar.

Some believe in electronic combs that beep upon execution, or use a vacuum to suck out the worst. Others apply heated straighteners, then stow bedding in the freezer to kill any off-head survivors. Some swear by dimethicone treatments. Others try them and curse. Before the late 90s, life was simpler. As a teenager, head doused in pesticide and bowed over a magazine, I remember lice carcasses dropping with a plink on to the pages.

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But those days are gone. And within this treatment vacuum, a whole industry is thriving. The lo-fi, low-cost answer is a comb. But the effort exhausts some carers.

According to the charity Community Hygiene Concern , wet hair, slathered in conditioner, renders lice immobile, allowing them to be combed out. Any gap between the teeth and the scalp at the start is an escape route for a louse. It takes a relationship to a whole new level to spend an evening delousing.

Lice punish the conscientious. But with practice comes expertise. In time, you will comb a head in 30 minutes. Javid has spent the past year on a world tour of lice. In India, she found people treating then with a pill; in Nigeria, she saw heads being shaved; in some countries kerosene was applied to the scalp and children left out in the sun. He has lived with them day and night. These findings, however, came as no surprise to Clark. In Europe, head lice treatments are categorised as class 1 medical products.

No independent assessment is required. In this context, it is not surprising that so many products fail to work on so many people. For years, the sale of treatments has been characterised by the willingness of companies to market products that did not work well, and of government agencies to overlook, defend or support those claims. But there is another problem.

While many over-the-counter products are ineffective, most of the new products, such as Sklice and Natroba, are prescription drugs.

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You are never going to get a sufficiently concerted effort to get rid of them from one place. And yet some people are less susceptible to lice than others. Occasionally, a lice flicks into her hair. She feels it moving. This is where research interest is now focusing: on the race to bring to market a deterrent that is proven to work in clinical trial. Clark is busy cloning lice odour receptors in order to investigate whether certain smells act as a deterrent. But while there is plenty of evidence that some do — lavender, tea tree, cinnamon — it is not enough to see a louse crawl away from some malodorous drops in a petri dish.

What would it do in the field? Is there a scent so repellent that a louse would forgo the safety of a human hair for the long drop to the floor and almost certain desiccation?

Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1) Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1)
Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1) Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1)
Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1) Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1)
Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1) Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1)
Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1) Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1)
Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1) Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1)
Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1) Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1)
Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1) Bad Idea (Itch Series Book 1)

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