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Sangoma Records was founded in out of enthusiasm for psychedelic culture and music by Emiel and cultural anthropologist Daksinamurti — both DJs for over a decade. Contact Sangoma Records.

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Bits and Pieces of myself:The Best Person of my Life

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I honestly wish I could find more of these in the web before I hiked there myself. Examples for great topic genres: Teach me something that makes me a better programmer Understanding Execution Context and Execution Stack in Javascript.

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Understanding execution context and stack to become a better Javascript developer. A quick guide to effectively leveraging regular expressions. What is "this" in JavaScript? Understanding "this" in Javascript, hands-on. What is a PWA and why should you care? A useful intro to progressive web applications in React 16 — What can it do for you?

Magnolias by Jenny Hadler ~ Bits & Pieces of YOU

My hubby, ever so graciously, took a half a day off of work in order to help me out and be home for when the boys got off the bus, and to take care of the 3yr old! As he perched himself at the dining room table preparing to work from home, I scrambled to get the latest utility bill, birth certificate and paperwork all in my manila envelope.

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I got to the school, handed over the paperwork with a proud smile and just at that moment the school guidance counselor comes in and asks for Maia Hadler. Thankfully, the school guidance counselor and secretary were able to laugh at me as hard as I was laughing at myself and work her in another day. Not my most magnificent moment, and likely not the last! We have two boys ages 9 and 8, and two girls ages 4 and 3.

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  • At one point, drawing, painting and sketching were my way of escaping into another world, but these days I lean more toward facing the world with my paintbrush and color pallet to share with others this wonderful life that God has given each of us; as well as all the craziness that ensues in my day to day life! Next time you have the chance to see a magnolia tree, do what I do, stop and remember that the loving God that created that beautiful, dignified and noble tree, created you and loves YOU even more!

    I'm an author, storyteller, blogger, amateur nature photographer and a ponderer of God and His Word. Some call me an encourager. I've been known to eavesdrop - it's part of the writing job description. I love hanging out with my husband, our dogs, family, and friends.

    Bits & Pieces of Me Bits & Pieces of Me
    Bits & Pieces of Me Bits & Pieces of Me
    Bits & Pieces of Me Bits & Pieces of Me
    Bits & Pieces of Me Bits & Pieces of Me
    Bits & Pieces of Me Bits & Pieces of Me
    Bits & Pieces of Me Bits & Pieces of Me

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