Kittens Winter (Kitten series)

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But you don't have to wait for our next email. Here are a few ways to get involved right now. One difference is the ending; in the original the giant mice are represented by stock footage of real mice inserted into the footage using chroma-key CSO.

In the Montreux version, giant model mouse heads are seen crashing through polystyrene walls. Graeme Garden makes a reference to the episode during " Earthanasia " while talking about animal science. The image of the kitten climbing the Post Office Tower shown above became a signature image for The Goodies. It was included in the title sequence of all their subsequent series made by the BBC.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: The Goodies videography. The Goodies episodes.

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Categories : British television episodes The Goodies series 2 episodes Lost television episodes. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September The "worms" are typically roundworms or pin worms. They are passed to the kitten through the mother's milk. Your vet can give your kitten a dose of medication such as Strongit to kill these parasites when the kitten is 6 weeks old or so.

This should be followed 2 weeks later either by a second dose of medication or a fecal test to insure that all the worms have been killed. If after deworming, your kitten's stools are mushy, have mucus or blood in them, be sure to see your vet.

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There are other kinds of intestinal parasites, such as coccidia, that can infect kittens. These require different treatments depending on the parasites. If you have not had a cat in recent years, you may have never heard of these new, dangerous cat diseases. Neither of these diseases can be caught by humans. You should, if possible, have the kitten's mother tested for these two diseases.

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Typically the kitten will not get one of these diseases unless the mother has it. If the mother is not available, you can have your kitten tested for FeLeuk, which is the most communicable of the two diseases. You may want to wait for about 6 weeks after receiving your kitty to test for FIV. This is because the test may give a false positive result if the kitten has been exposed to FIV through the mother, but has not caught the disease.

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Distemper vaccination. Your kitty will need shots to prevent diseases, just as children do. The distemper vaccine typically includes protection not only for feline distemper but also some upper respiratory viruses. Feline distemper panleukopenia is a serious, often fatal disease that is easily transmitted, so don't delay getting this important vaccination.

Your kitten should receive his first distemper shot when he is about 8 weeks old. A booster shot is then needed 3 to 4 weeks later. After this, your kitty will need annual boosters. Rabies vaccination. Rabies is a serious, fatal disease that can attack any mammal, including humans. In many locales including Maryland , you are required by law to have your pet vaccinated for rabies. Your kitty should get her first rabies vaccination when she is 4 months old.

After this, she will need a booster one year later.

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After that, she will need boosters every 3 years. If your kitten seems sick. You must be attentive to your kitten's behavior, because small kittens can fade very quickly if not treated right away. If your kitten becomes sluggish, quits playing, and sleeps more than usual, then he is probably sick.


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He may also quit eating, and this is very dangerous since his liver may then shut down. If you notice that your kitten has quit eating, you may need to force feed him see next item. Of course you should take the kitten to see your veterinarian as soon as possible! To do this, you will need an eye dropper or syringe.

Mix some canned kitten food with mother's milk replacer, stirring to make a slurry a blender works great. Fill the eye dropper or syringe, and place it into the kitten's mouth. Squirt a small amount very gently - he should swallow it with no problem. Continue to feed him small amounts. The amount varies on the size of the kitten, but underfeeding is better than overfeeding.

Recipes for Emergency Kitten Formula. The pet store is closed, and you have hungry kittens that need formula! Never fear! In a pinch, the Cornell Book of Cats says that human baby formula can be used if made up to double the normal strength human baby formula is normally not nutritious enough for kittens.

As with the below formulas, please remember that any emergency formula should only be used until regular Feline Replacement Formula such as KMR or Just Born can be purchased at the pet store. None of these are nutritionally complete for the long term health of a kitten. Remove from heat.

Kittens Winter (Kitten series) Kittens Winter (Kitten series)
Kittens Winter (Kitten series) Kittens Winter (Kitten series)
Kittens Winter (Kitten series) Kittens Winter (Kitten series)
Kittens Winter (Kitten series) Kittens Winter (Kitten series)
Kittens Winter (Kitten series) Kittens Winter (Kitten series)
Kittens Winter (Kitten series) Kittens Winter (Kitten series)
Kittens Winter (Kitten series) Kittens Winter (Kitten series)

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