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I always thought that if we ever broke up, it would be me who did it. But lately everything was going well and he said to me that we made fun and we were really good together and a month ago he broke up with me. It makes no sense. He just said he had been doubting about us. And I felt so betrayed, because he told me the opposite before. This week suddenly he asks me if I blocked him on snapchat. And that was that. That was the conversation. Am I not worthy of more than this. I keep going over stuff, going over stuff, going over stuff, again and again and again.

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So much love to all the people going through the same thing, I really respect every one of you out there. Hi Im here because my ex broke my heart 6 weeks ago and we were together for 2 years, the feeling were intense, he asked my mom att one point for permission to marry me and she said yes and i almost got a ring but told him to surprise me. My family liked him an his family loved me. His family thought we would marry. I am deeply flawed but i gave him everything my heart everything i was there for him faithful everything a woman can do to prove she wife material, welll i am not perfect and i was trying to work on myself an overall he was a good guy he loved me an i loved him.

We fought we argued we loved he never cheated. But around the timw we broke up we were argueing he just got tired of it an left me an cut me off completely. Well im heart broken, he had me under the impression we were getting back together when we got our life together, well a couple of days ago i found out hes with another girl and he got with her not to long after we broke up.

Now im more hurt and im going crazy he cut me off completely and kept his new girl a secret from me an like i said people are saying its a rebound relationship. I dont talk to him an he doesnt want to talk to me hes angry at me.

god would be missing me

I just wana know because i truely felt he was my one and only. I miss him so much. The best thing you can do is cut him off on all fronts, turn inward and work on yourself. Clean up your side of the street first and take the focus off of him. Thanks for writing such a great article!

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Praying for better days!!! Thank YOU for reading and for your sweet comment! We were never really a couple just really flirty friends. We were on and off for about 3 years, we would meet, hold hands, kiss etc. When I asked if there was a future he told me he was young and wanted to focus on his career but he was happy taking it slow and being friends.

How Long After A Break-Up Does Your Ex Start Missing You?

We kind of cooled it off and after a month I texted him to say happy birthday he called me the next day asking me if I wanted to go out for dinner, I said yes and we kind of picked up where we left off minus the hand holding and kissing. This went on for about a year where we would meet every single week and he kissed me again. I asked again if there was a future for us and this time he said no because of religious differences neither of us are even religious. But whenever I do he gets really mean and defensive and so I get angry and then we never end up sorting anything out.

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Last year, was a tough year for him in terms of losing his mum and I thought the best thing to do would be to give him space. While he was away we ended up sending some inappropriate pictures which I completely regret. When he got back from holiday we met for lunch and he was saying how he wanted to get married in the next 2 years, I never said anything but obviously it was hard for me to hear.

Since he got back from holiday we were still sending each other pictures and arranging to stay together. A few days later he was being rude to me and I made the decision that if we were never going to be together I thought it would be best that we just end everything as it would be hard for me to see him with another woman.

He told me that I was overreacting and that we would never be together but we could stay friends.

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After a month or so of not speaking I saw on his snapchat that he was away with another girl, they obviously stayed the night together in a hotel and seemed really coupley. I was getting so frustrated and I sent a few essays getting everything off my chest that he had never allowed me to and then he blocked my number.

I just feel so stupid because I think me and this new girl over lapped, and the fact that he blocked me makes it so much harder to get over. Everything was always on his terms and I was always running after him. The minute he would ask to meet I would get ready and go rushing there.

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I mean, we met all the time. Whenever we argued and stopped talking it was always me that made the first move and because he kept allowing me back into his life gave me a tiny glimmer of hope. Part of me thinks he only ever wanted to see how much action he could get off me. Listen to your gut. I do agree with what you said and deep down, you know the truth.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to reply, I reallllly appreciate it. I think in the beginning he genuinely did like me but when he knew he could have me he just lost interest. And we were genuinely friends for years so the fact that he just cut me out without even a goodbye makes it worse. I spoke to a male friend about this who said it's probably going well with the new girl and he most probably hasn't told her about me and so that's why he's blocked my number so he doesn't have to have an awkward conversation with her, which actually makes a lot of sense.

I can't help but think what was missing with me which made him decide that we'd never be together. And I really don't understand why he wouldn't just tell me if he's dating her, I even said I'd never contact him again, but rather than texting back he decided to cut me out instead. Hi Natasha, found your post when doing a search. Your advice is very good. I am older then most here and was in a relationship for 13 years. He was younger than me.

Now I have to ask myself how many times. I still stalk him in the internet only to cause myself more pain because now I have to see pictures of him with his new wife and child. He is not with the one he cheated on me with, but nevertheless it hurts. I know it is as you said, that I miss the man he was in the beginning. I believe near the end he started using drugs with his co-workers and that is what changed him.

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  8. I think now he is back to the way he was because he moved back home, so that makes it worse for me because I think I should have held on. To me, he was the love of my life, I will never feel like that again, I do believe that it is rare for true love to come around twice.

    Now I understand those women who stay with their man even when he strays, because to me that would have been better. But I acted in the heat of the moment and made things worse. In the back of my mind I think the relationship was doomed because of our age difference. However I do not consider myself a cougar because I was not looking for someone younger, we were friends first. Now I cannot trust men at all, it seems they all lie and cheat and break your heart eventually.

    I am seeing someone, but I am not putting my heart in it. Already I have found him lying about things such as money, and time, so I feel this will go nowhere. Should I just give up on love? There were a lot of red flags and I honestly feel like you dodged a bullet. You need to focus on yourself and turn inward. I promise xoxo. Me again. The one with the new wife and child.

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