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Your currency. About us. Mippoos is a handmade shop from the Netherlands, run by mother-daughter team Lucia and Marijke.

The Little Hippo

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Suddenly there was cheerful singing nearby, and the little Hippo came face to face with a playful little Monkey. You know why he sighed, right? Right, because he was unbelievably bored!

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And the little Hippo decided to share with the little Monkey that he was probably the most miserable hippopotamus in the world. Now that just won't do - you need a friend!

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Where can I find a friend? Not in my swamp, that's for sure," the little Hippo looked at the murky water, doubt in his eyes. Let's take a look around, maybe someone didn't want a friend and left one behind somewhere? Or maybe lost one?

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A friend is a real precious commodity! And so the little creatures set about looking for a friend.

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But there was one problem: they didn't know what a friend looks like! Does he have a tail? Is his skin striped?

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Is he prickly or furry? And where can they find this mysterious friend? They went round and round the forest but didn't see anything special. Or anyone special, to be more precise. The adults were all busy, tending to their matters: feeding their kids, preparing food or cleaning. I'll never have friends!

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Your friend is probably really close. The liquid is actually a skin moistener and sunblock that may also provide protection against germs. At sunset, hippopotamuses leave the water and travel overland to graze. They may travel 6 miles in a night, along single-file pathways, to consume some 80 pounds of grass. Considering their enormous size, a hippo's food intake is relatively low. If threatened on land hippos may run for the water—they can match a human's speed for short distances.

One Gray Hippo One Gray Hippo
One Gray Hippo One Gray Hippo
One Gray Hippo One Gray Hippo
One Gray Hippo One Gray Hippo
One Gray Hippo One Gray Hippo

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