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Here's more info on the event:. Mercedes Murdock Yardley and more as they celebrate their new books! Virtual food and drinks! And here's some info on Ragnarok:. Books that ROK! Come for Dark Genre Fiction, stay for the Gnomes! And as we come into the turning of the season's Melissa is hard at work on her next book which is a fabulous sci-fi tale entitled, 'XODUS'. For myself, I am just starting on my first attempt at historical fiction which will of course contain old world magic and erotic overtones. I don't have a title yet, but it will come as so many plans and changes are in the wind.

One last thing. We have a favor to ask you. These reviews make all the difference in the world to independent authors and it doesn't have to be more than a couple of lines. Thanks in advance to those who do so! May your darkest dreams and wishes come true,. Friday, April 4, Chapter Two from the upcoming Saurimonde sequel!! There had been no way to cover her feet so she had to pick her path carefully. It was slow going, but the stables were within shouting distance. She knew this place so well.

This had been her home. It still was her home, but it felt unfamiliar, like it was part of a life lived long ago. She tiptoed quietly into the stables and listened carefully. All she heard was the restless shuffling of the horses waiting for their morning feed.

Good , she thought, luck was with her. The stables were cool and damp and she could barely see in the tack room as she fumbled slightly, but she knew where Gilles' saddle and bridle were as they sat in perfect condition. He'd always insisted on the best and he'd always gotten his way. Well, almost always.

She wasn't sorry she'd killed Gilles, as far as he was concerned she felt nothing at all, except the overwhelming need to erase all trace of his existence. It wasn't rational, she knew this, it was reaction to all the events which had befallen her. All because of Gilles and his need to destroy everything around him. At least he couldn't hurt anyone any more. Still cursing about her lack of footwear, she saddled up Gilles' black gelding. The poor beast had been so beaten into submission, he barely moved a muscle as she tightened the girth. Hopefully his next owner would be kinder.


She led him out the back, tied the reins in a loose knot and hooked them through one of the buckles in the front of the saddle so he couldn't get tangled in them. Then she let him go. He stood still for a moment unsure what to do so she grabbed the nearest whip and gave him a harsh whack across the hocks.

It was all the motivation he needed as he took off for the trees. She felt a little bad about it, but desperate measures called for desperate means. If her luck continued then someone would find the horse sans rider in a few hours. Then there would be a search party to go look for their master, thinking he had fallen off. After they didn't find him the rumors would start about the men in the forest who had been attacking people for money. Maybe they had been stupid enough to abduct Gilles.

Maybe they'd gotten in a lucky punch or stab wound. Maybe Gilles was dead It could all work so perfectly, she thought. She froze as she heard someone whistling a tune not so far away. Damn, and double damn , she inwardly swore. She backtracked a little to give herself some time and to make it look like she was coming in from a morning stroll.

She smoothed down her hair and put on her most regal air. And then she strode forward to face the inevitable full of false confidence. A boy of about ten with carrot colored hair and a smattering of freckles across his nose was putting together the meat for the pack of mastiffs Gilles had bred and raised as his hunting dogs. She didn't recognize the child and at closer inspection with the red hair she wondered if he was Gilles' offspring as well. The man had certainly been busy populating the countryside.

Thank the goddess he had never gotten her pregnant. It wasn't that she didn't love children, but her skin crawled at the thought of it. Then she noticed Lucifer, her late husband's pride and joy, lying sulkily in a corner away from the rest of his pack who were busy making a racket as they waited impatiently for their breakfast. His sullen, golden eyes caught hers as if conveying some hidden message. An older man walked up to the boy and grabbed the haunches of fresh kill from him.

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His pinched face was redder than his hair and his hands shook a little. She knew who he was, one of Gilles' lackeys, and by the look of it, more than a little hungover.

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She decided to make the first move to catch him off guard. Even she was taken aback by the harshness of it. The man jumped as if he'd seen a ghost. Why is Lucifer separated from the others? She didn't let him finish. The dog savaged him — and he I saw him this morning as I was arriving.

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Seems she's run away and gotten herself into some trouble. I don't have to tell you that Gilles would want you to keep this quiet. A bit of a wildcat she is. You don't have to worry about us. Yeah, right, she thought as she gave him a tight smile. Then do as I say and put Lucifer back.

I'll deal with Gilles. She walked as calmly as possible, but inside she was quaking. What was wrong with her?

She'd never taken that kind of tone with the servants before. She had spent most of her life here trying to be invisible. All of the hired help were Gilles bought and sold. But Gilles was gone and he was never coming back. For a moment she felt like skipping. She felt like a warm wind after the rain. She felt That would never do. First she had to play distraught wife and then, hopefully, grieving widow.

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She giggled softly to herself. It was quite mad, but things were going to be very different. She made it up the backstairs and to her room unseen by any of the house staff. She desperately needed a bath, but that would mean asking one of the servants and she wanted to delay the inevitable a little longer. Her sanctuary looked untouched as she basked in its heavy wood and jewel tones, but something was missing.

She looked around as she tried to figure out what. Her carved, oval mirror was missing.

Why that of all things? She wondered. It was not exactly an easy piece to move. Maybe Gilles smashed it, she thought, as she poked into one of the upright cabinets finding nothing.

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Some of her clothes were gone, but she had expected that. As she looked around, she noticed the door on the far side was slightly ajar. Possibly someone had put her mirror in the other room?

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