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This gorgeous book is at once simple and profound.

You may be surprised and pleased by the questions and observations of your children after reading this together. Come learn how to save water in your house.

The Dandelion - Seeds Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion (Full Album)

Telling your parents how to use less water will help out everyone. Paired to the nonfiction title Water All Around Us.

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Dena loves using magnets to perform magic tricks for the kids at the pool. When Enrique arrives in town, he doesnt like that Dena is fooling the others.

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  • He gives her a century-old treasure map and Dena uses her compass and tools to plot the location of the treasure. To her surprise, the treasure is not where it should be! What could cause her compass to lead her off course? When she discovers the answer, will Dena keep fooling the other kids with magic tricks or will she help them learn about magnetism and the earths shifting magnetic poles?

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    Experiments with silicon disks of varying porosity that imitated the aerodynamics of a dandelion pappus suggested the circular geometry and airy nature of the pappus is tuned precisely to stabilize these vortex rings, helping them deliver four times more drag than a solid disk with the same area. As such, this plumed structure may prove ideal for the dispersal of the small, light seeds of short plants, whereas winglike membranes likely prove better for larger seeds, the researchers write.

    Prior work had found that objects could form vortex wings in their wake, but these either stayed anchored to these items or flew downstream. This newfound type of vortex ring was previously thought too unstable to actually occur, and suggests examining nature could reveal other as yet unknown kinds of fluid behavior.

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    The scientists detailed their findings Oct. Authorized news sources may reproduce our content.


    Find out more about how that works. Charles Q.

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    A separated vortex ring underlies the flight of the dandelion

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    The Dandelion Seed The Dandelion Seed
    The Dandelion Seed The Dandelion Seed
    The Dandelion Seed The Dandelion Seed
    The Dandelion Seed The Dandelion Seed
    The Dandelion Seed The Dandelion Seed
    The Dandelion Seed The Dandelion Seed
    The Dandelion Seed The Dandelion Seed
    The Dandelion Seed The Dandelion Seed

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