Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel

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Love Unexpected

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Current Promotions. Ornaments: View More. He was no where to be seen and you gave up. Your wings drooped in sadness and went back to your room. You thought that Dark Pit abandoned you. Opening your door you were surprised to see Dark Pit sitting on your bed with two black baskets, wearing bunny ears.

You sit down next him and titled your head.

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He blushed and handed you a basket, it was filled with long purple confetti and a single black egg with different dark colors and patterns. You, uh, find dyed eggs outside and put them here.

Jesus Mean and Wild: The Unexpected Love of an Untamable God - Baker Book House

This is actually m-my first time doing this but You shook him to get his attention and nodded. Satisfied with your answer, you two grabbed your baskets and ran to the courtyard while he holds your hand. She notices that you don't have your umbrella. You don't-! You noticed that you didn't have your umbrella with you but your eyes didn't even hurt.

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Confused you look up in the sky. There was no sun to be seen but a faint spot of yellow in the distance. Smiling you began your search for eggs with your friend. Palutena was amazed by this and smiled knowing that the thick clouds blocked the sun so you could go out without any sort of protection. She watches the two of you searching. After a while, you found more eggs than Pittoo. He laughs and says that you won for finding more eggs than him, he had eleven eggs where you have twenty five. You guys pretty much found all the eggs. You giggled but it faded when you see Pit in the distance trying to find eggs.

You noticed he had a sad face. Getting up you head over to the white angel and tugged his toga which he got his attention. Making a quick look at your basket you hold it out to him. Pit looks at you, confused. Pit smiles back. That's amazing! Adding all those together, it equals thirty six, so that means we each get twelve.

You weren't interested in the conversation, you were staring at Pittoo. It felt like you wanted to try You cleared your throat and started to force yourself to talk. Your face turned red. What's wrong?

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  6. You gripped his sleeve and gripped your chest. They looked at you, worried. You swallowed and opened your mouth. You felt Palutena and Pit coming in closer. Again you forced yourself to speak. Did you say your first words?! You looked at him this time and tried again. She can talk! You two blushed when you two noticed how close your faces were. Dark Pit pulled your face towards him and kissed you right on the lips.

    You started to blush like crazy and that feeling came to you again. You knew what it meant now and you closed your eyes, enjoying the moment. You hear Palutena and Pit awwing your kiss scene. You and Dark Pit stopped and looked at each other and put your foreheads together. But now that I heard your voice, I'm starting to like you even more.

    He hugged you and you hugged back. See More by FourSwordsFan6. Another boring day in Calculus. A girl of age eighteen is sitting in the back corner of the class near the window, bored out of her mind, as the teacher blabs on about mathematics. Mostly Calculous and she wonders how she got into this class in the first place. And of course, she was always picked on by both the students and the teachers for "being more ignorant than all of us.

    It felt as if the world was against her for following her dreams of being a pianist inste. Here you are living in Super Smash Mansion for four months, you are sitting outside on the grass and watching the clouds. You know this character it is 'Dark Pit', you know him since you were a new fighter, "Sorry, I didn't mean to scared you. He claims he has no idea how he got sick but considering it was getting close to winter, the flu was spreading around a lot quicker.

    He was just one of the unfortunate ones..

    Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel

    Dark Pit was always one of the unfortunate ones. Today, however, you were the unfortunate one. Why, you ask? Not the first thing on your to do list, although you did have small feelings for him, you knew he wouldn't return them. So for his sake and yours, you tried to push them to the back of your conscience. This sure seems rather The sky was turning into an unnatural color of red, almost blood red. Black dots slowly started appearing everywhere among the vast sky and parts of Earth being stained black.

    I flicked the screen away and decided to investigate the issue. With a sigh, I got off the throne chair and quietly stepped out of the castle. I spread out my wings, then flew out into the sky.

    As I flew, I noticed the same black dots that I saw on the screen earlier ago. I immediately changed direction and flew towards it, curious on what it could be. This is re.

    Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel
    Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel
    Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel
    Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel
    Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel
    Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel
    Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel
    Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel Unexpected Love--An Easter Novel

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