War and Photography: A Cultural History

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Brothers applies her argument with special reference to the French and British newspaper images of the Spanish Civil War. Rejecting analyses based upon the content of the images alone, she argues that photographic meaning is largely predetermined by its institutional and cultural context. Acting as witnesses despite themselves, photographs convey a wealthy of information not about any objective reality but about the collective attitudes and beliefs particular to the culture in which they operate.

An important book. The most lethal war in South American history was the Paraguayan War of — It was also the first occasion for South American war photography. The plates were sensitive to blue light only; his darkroom was an orange tent. This was the first time photography had covered South American warfare and his images became iconic.


War photography

He captured images of the ruined town and corpses in a street. This was a commercial venture with the hope of selling albums of war photographs. World War I was one of the first conflicts during which cameras were small enough to be carried on one's person. Canadian soldier Jack Turner secretly and illegally brought a camera to the battlefront and made photographs.

In the 20th century, professional photographers covered all the major conflicts, and many were killed as a consequence, among which was Robert Capa , who covered the Spanish Civil War , the Second Sino-Japanese War , the D-Day landings and the fall of Paris, and conflicts in the s until his death by a landmine in Indochina in May Unlike paintings, which presented a single illustration of a specific event, photography offered the opportunity for an extensive amount of imagery to enter circulation.

The proliferation of the photographic images allowed the public to be well informed in the discourses of war. The advent of mass-reproduced images of war were not only used to inform the public but they served as imprints of the time and as historical recordings. Mass-produced images did have consequences. Besides informing the public, the glut of images in distribution over-saturated the market, allowing viewers to develop the ability to disregard the immediate value and historical importance of certain photographs.

Journalists and photographers are protected by international conventions of armed warfare, but history shows that they are often considered targets by warring groups — sometimes to show hatred of their opponents and other times to prevent the facts shown in the photographs from being known. War photography has become more dangerous with the advent of terrorism in armed conflict as some terrorists target journalists and photographers.

In the Iraq War , 36 photographers and camera operators were abducted or killed during the conflict from — Several have even been killed by US fire; two Iraqi journalists working for Reuters were notably strafed by a helicopter during the July 12, , Baghdad airstrike , yielding a scandal when WikiLeaks published the video of the gun camera. The German photographer Frauke Eigen created a photographic exhibition about war crimes in Kosovo which focused on the clothing and belongings of the victims of ethnic cleansing , rather than on their corpses.

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Experimental Photography Luca Bendandi. This Guy Jamie Ferguson. New York Serge Ramelli. She continues to lecture in the United States and Europe and in won an Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writer award for her continuing work on the history and theory of documentary photography.

She is the author of Photography and its Critics Cambridge University Press, and Ideas that Changed Photography Laurence King, as well as numerous articles on photography. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads.

War and Photography: A Cultural History War and Photography: A Cultural History
War and Photography: A Cultural History War and Photography: A Cultural History
War and Photography: A Cultural History War and Photography: A Cultural History
War and Photography: A Cultural History War and Photography: A Cultural History
War and Photography: A Cultural History War and Photography: A Cultural History
War and Photography: A Cultural History War and Photography: A Cultural History
War and Photography: A Cultural History War and Photography: A Cultural History

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